South  Korea tour

About South Korea Training & Management Tour

Travelling to Beautiful cities of South Korea from 8-14 December for 6 nights with 5star accommodation including all the transportation, and meals, 30 GCC CEOs will have the chance to Visit some Top Global Iconic Brands and Players such As: LG, HMM, Hyundai, Samsung, and POSCO in partnership with Solbridge University, one of the best South Korean universities.

Companies to visit


About Solbridge University

Located in Korea’s Silicon Valley Daejeon, SolBridge prepares students to be the Next Generation of Asian Thought Leaders in the fast growing and rapidly changing Asian economy. SolBridge is unique among business schools because it is one of the world’s youngest business schools to receive the AACSB accreditation. Solbridge is dedicated to producing top business leaders in Asia and the world in all fields: business, politics, the military, and social activism, who will be prepared to be instruments of change in their respective societies. Solbridge does not focus only on the “hard skills” needed for such an undertaking, but also on the critically important “soft skills” that provide flexibility, understanding, and interpersonal leadership skills that will help in many environments.

The Benefits & Values

- Getting Well Equipped with the latest Management Tools & Techniques
- Getting connected and acquainted with Top International Managers & Decision Makers
-Breaking into the Global & International Trade Markets
-Visiting, and Benchmarking Best Practices from Some of South Korea’s Top Companies & Brands
- Attending Management Training workshops run by Solbridge University Professors
- Possibility of Establishing a Great Powerful Value Network With Top & Successful Regional Managers
- Transformation of Managerial Attitude, and promoting the Skills to higher levels
- Staying at top 5 star hotels with Great Tourist, and Cultural Programs and Tours
- Graduating and receiving the Certificate from the Solbridge University
- Obtaining your Visa and Flight  Booking Through Emirates Direct

South  Korea tour

German Rose

German Rose is the president of Solbridge International School of Business.

German Rose message:

On behalf of Solbridge Business School, it gives me a great pleasure and honor to host top CEOs from the GCC region mainly from Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE in beautiful South Korea, the pioneer of technology and business development in the world.
We at solbridge are doing our best to provide the CEOs travelling to Seoul and Daegeon with the latest tools, strategies and outputs from the major corporations in the world based in South Korea.
We are excited to welcome you to the 11th strongest economies in the world and the 4th in Asia!
Financial organizations like the World Bank describe South Korea as one of the fastest-growing major economies of the next generation along with BRIC and Indonesia.
The 7 day trip will be full of learning, transformation, training seminars and mind blowing visits to the world’s best Known companies along the cultural visits to the major cultural hubs of the country.
We are very much looking forward to hosting you in beautiful South Korea