About the Global Business Forum 2019

Oman Global Business Forum 2019 is the Largest Business Gathering of the Entrepreneurial GCC Companies for 2 days in the modern and beautiful Oman Convention Center on 17-18th April, where over 500 top Regional CEOs, Managers, and Directors will be exposed to the latest trends, ideas , achievements, and developments in the world of Business, Leadership, Human Resources, Technology, and Economy.

Benchmarking from the most pioneer companies in the world, along learning from the most famous international Speakers, and Business CEOs from the US, UK, and GCC Business Community Leaders will constitute the main parts of the program.


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Holding internationally accredited joint academic degree programs of DBA and MBA from the best and most

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Holding internationally accredited joint academic degree programs of DBA and MBA from the best and most

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Holding internationally accredited joint academic degree programs of DBA and MBA from the best and most

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About Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre

The Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre is located in its own fully integrated precinct only four kilometres from Muscat International Airport. Architecturally advanced in design and capability, this world class venue will be amongst the first to be built to meet the rigorous LEED certification by the U.S. Green Building Council. The Centre ensures a flow of the meeting spaces to suit the most discerning conference and exhibition organisers. It also incorporates expansive concourse areas to enable ease of large delegations with floor to ceiling windows overlooking landscaped gardens and water features. The Centre features two tiered auditoriums to seat 3,200 and 450, while the five exhibition halls feature 22,396 square metres of column-free exhibition space. Hall 1 acts as a multi-purpose space for plenary sessions, concerts, performances and gala dinners on a larger scale. Halls 1 & 2 combined can seat over 10,000 seated in theatre-style. The Centre also includes an additional 20 meeting rooms for 25-360 delegates, a Grand Ballroom to seat up to 1,200 guests, a Junior Ballroom to seat up to 540 guests for a banquet10 hospitality suites, and a VIP Pavilion. In total the Centre offers over 55 meeting space options plus a multi-storey car park with a capacity for 4,000 vehicles.

Conference Topics

At the 2 day event of “ Global Business Forum” in Muscat, Speakers will be speaking on the following hot, important topics:
Based on the topics of the forum, the audience addressed in this event will be the CEOs, Managers, Directors and the growing aspiring staff of the GCC Companies, and Organizations.
The Future of Global Economy, and Global Players in the world of Business. The new emerging Economies and their role in the new Economy, and their impact on GCC.
The Future of Work and Business in 2020, the Role of Web & Online Technologies in Business Transformation, and New trends in Business Automation, and Business digitalization.
Leadership, The Never Ending Story, New emerging Models, for getting the best out of each and every employees, leading the Team at the Turbulent Economic times.
Human Resources Management, and the Latest achievements in the area of Talent Management, and retaining and growing the most important asset of your business “ HR”.
The secrets of the Top 1 % - Discover and master the secret strategies behind the success of the world’s most profitable companies
The secrets of Innovation and Leadership - Master the winning strategies to become a market leader in a volatile global economy
the change Technology brings about in people and society - some technology certainties for the next 2-3 years that will shape the future of business and communication
Emerging opportunities and important business threats for the GCC companies in the new world of Economy.

Conference Benefits

*Learning from some of the world’s most famous Speakers/CEOs and Trainers for 2 intensive days
*A great Networking opportunity , and making connections with some of the best and most successful leaders of GCC
*receiving a Signed certificate by all the speakers provided by the secretariat of the conference.
*getting responses to your own business problems, questions, etc. by the expert panel of thinkers
*45% Cost saving on the conference tickets thanks to the support of our excellent sponsors
*Motivation Letter
*a great investment opportunity on the future of your work, and enriching your business experience
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