About Us

About Smart Waves International

Established in 2005 under the Name HF, Smart Waves international is a new brand which has started its operation in Oman – Muscat after having planned and organized more than 150 successful events in Dubai, Istanbul and Tehran in the last 15 years with the presence and support of over 300 Top known speakers and trainers from the United States., United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.
Smart Waves International is a Pioneer Event planning company with a focus on Management & Leadership training and education across GCC Region.
Organizing Seminars, Conferences, and Forums along supplying Top Celebrity Speakers to different events and companies as well as running Educational Business Trips to countries like South Korea, Japan, Canada, Germany, Spain and Switzerland, and running academic Training Programs with Internationally Accredited Universities are some of the main activities of SWI.
In order to run and experience a smooth and well-organized event, or hosting a top notch speaker/trainer at your company or Seminar Or developing your leadership, and Management or Sales & marketing Skills by engaging in our educational and academic programs You can contact us Now!